13 Falls Meetup

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Backpacked Lincoln Woods in , , 44.063475,-71.588974. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 16.2mi/overnight


Technically the second time to 13 falls. This time was with a meetup group, and Nancy got to go on this one. Totally cool. There was me and Pauline, Nancy, Gil, Diana, Cindy and Tristain. She needed a little help getting her backpack fixed up at the car before the trip, but then was ready to go and totally kicked it with energy to spare once we hit camp. Dinanna was a first time backpacker, and was pretty tired on the way to camp, but the second day she was like a different person. Not tired, and absolutely loved it. That was a neat conversion. Nancy and Diana discovered how awesome a nalgene bottle with hot water in it was, when Gil told them and gave them some bottles to sleep with.

We had checked to see if there was any planned big bookings, and there wasn't anything listed. But when we got there, 2 groups of scouts were there, and the place filled up to overflow by 3:00pm! Lucky Cindy made it. We were holding a spot for them, but I don't think we would have been able to hold it for much longer.

Tristan was using my 35L EMS bag as Cindy hadn't gotten any gear for him. I have never seen the bag so full! I was impressed that he was able to use it.

Stream crossings were a bit intense for Nancy and Diana, but they took them in stride. One stream crossing was really funny. These two guys were coming up behind us, and totally budded in front of us. Gil was in the front, and simply picked up Trixy and made his way across the stream across rocks without a second thought. When one of the guys tried, he slipped and one of his legs went into the water. Totally soaker! He got served, well deserved! https://youtu.be/n3ttSdyazZY. All the other crossings are https://youtu.be/zjeDU1rv0vc, stream crossing 1 on the way in https://youtu.be/ZntdX93K9zM, Stream crossing 1 on the way back https://youtu.be/TS-HauMAToY, stream crossing 2 video 1 https://youtu.be/n3ttSdyazZY, stream crossing 2 video 2 https://youtu.be/zeLvSNNw7cE.

Brought: GoLite tent, 65L Osprey, don't rememeber everything else.

Wish I brought: None