Cabin gear rain test

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Hiked Gulf Hagas in , , 45.47782514244,-69.28656242788. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 7.5mill


7.5mi and 5:30 round trip. Spent Friday and Saturday in the Wildwoods Cabin's with Pauline, Cindy and Tristan. Hiked the Gulf Saturday, and the rain was mostly a drizzle, but was a bit of a down pour for quite a bit of the hike. But that was okay, as we got to test out some rain gear and get some practice in the rain.

The practice in the rain was really cool. I discovered my rain jacket worked pretty well. I was a little damp from sweat, and if I was pushing hard it would have been a lot more sweat. But coming back to the car, I wore it the entire way, and felt just fine. Cindy didn't wear any rain gear, and instead put a bandana around her neck to keep the rain from going down her back. That was her favorite gear. Mine was my rain jacket. Pauline's was her ponco, which she was able to try for the first time. Her bag was pretty much completely dry.

Brought: Osprey Exos 48 instead of day pack. EMS Green T-shirt, Helium (worn), Cyan LL Bean long sleeve. Wore hiking pants, EMS t-shirt, hat. When rain was really heavy I switched to bandana and rain coat hood.

Wish I brought: Nothing