Bigelows backpacking meetup with Nancy

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Backpack Bigelows in , , 45.111534,-70.329167. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance:


I'm glad we went up, even though there was a little lightening storm. Clouds were amazing, and we were above them. Really windy.

Trail map. Nancy had her 67th New England 67 today. So she had a bunch of people over for a hike. 12 in all, and Gary Downs was there too. We got up there Friday night and stayed at Deer Farm Camps & Campground. We went to bed just as a rain storm rolled in. The LL Bean tent held up like a charm. After listening to red necks yelling about not getting their hot dog, then a baby screaming for hours, I finally drifted into a fitful sleep. Pauline woke me up before I started yelling "BEAR!" out loud, as I was having a vivid bear dream. But after that it was all good.

Next moring I lead the car train to the trail head, and almost missed the turn off, as I was distracted by the hiker that was hitch hiking. At the trail head I stepped in some ... let's just call it smelly mud. Good start. But the hike was great. Was quite tiring that last 1/4 mile, and Pauline hated me a few times along the way.

Once at the top, everyone was just eating lunch, and decided to summit the two peaks after eating. Me and Pauline stayed behind, setup camp. After saying our good bye's they headed down, before the thunder storm hit. We crawled into our tent and after the storm passed we decided to summit Bigelow Avery. Once back at camp, a through hiker by the name of Ropi Dopi stopped by asking were the tent sites were. We said she could just grab the spot in the trees in front of us. We ended up hiking with her to the horns and gave her a ride into town. Spreading a little trail magic.

Brought: Puffy, Helium jacket, Asolos, GoLite, Jet Boil.

Wish I brought: Nothing