Oliverian and Mountain Pond

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Backpack White Mountains in , , 43.99604,-71.34824. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 8mi/3 days


We went south on the Oliverian Brook Tr., west on Square Ledge Tr., then south on Passaconaway Cutoff Tr. Oliverian was mostly flat, with some steap sections, and a few rock scrambles. This was the first time me and Pauline hiked somewhere there was so much humidity, we could see mist. Along the way we saw several camping spots, one was even tucked a little down and around a stream crossing. Rather nice looking. But Pauline wanted to get over to the Passaconaway Cutoff Tr., so we kept going. Views from the Square Ledge trail were nice, although not very wide open. Some very steep climbs just before you get to the outlooks.

We made camp along the Passaconaway Cutoff Tr., about a mile from the intersection of Square Ledge. A nice spot next to the water, with some nice clearings. However there were some widow makers towering over the open areas. So being the gentalman, I hiked another 20 mins north to try to find a better spot. I did find something suitable, but it wasn't near water. Upon arriving a back in camp, I discovered Pauline had already moved the tent to a better spot in our original site. Seemed good to me and we settled down for dinner. Man, the mushrooms smelled something fierce.

Night time was uneventful, and the next morning though we had some grits with brown sugar and butter. Tasted much like Cream of Wheat does. Just made with corn instead. We packed up and headed out after we ate.

The same weekend we went out, Cindy was doing a solo trip around the Pemi loop, and was due to finish. So I suggested we go and see if she got finished yet. She wasn't out yet, so we left her a note. :)

Pauline and I still felt like doing a small overnight somewhere, and Pauline decided we should check out the Mountain Pond shelter just off Slippery Brook Rd. We made it to the shelter, which was nothing to write home about. It's view of the water was pretty pathetic. My knee went out a little before the shelter. We headed back down the trail to a spot we had seen a couple fishermen at on the way in, and they were gone when we came back. Turned out to be a great spot. Right up near the water, great view, and nice little clearing. If memory serves, we heard an owl, and loon. I had hoped the loon we be calling into the night, but he only called once. Bummer cause I really like their call.

Next morning my knee was well rested, and we headed back to the car and went back home.

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