Hiram on Friday 13th

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Backpack/Hike Hiram, ME in , , 43.877261,-70.805292. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 1.5hrs


Went to test out my knee at Hiram Hill. Made it without my knee feeling pain, although I did feel it a little. Once at home, I can feel it's a bit sore, but no actual pain. Looks like my excersizes are really helping. It was just last week I went to Hiram and my knee was painful by the end.

Ran into a couple other groups. Traffic going out there was way busier then I was expecting for 10:30. Took 50 mins to drive, and hike took 1.5 hours.

Brought: Day pack, sweat shirt, wind breaker.

Wish I brought: None