Cutler Sunrise

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Backpack Cutler, ME in , , 44.698706,-67.156878. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 8mi


This was a trip to get a photo of the ridge line with fall colors, and to enjoy the ocean while looking at the stars. I didn't get the shot because of fog, but it was still an excellent trip. This was the first time I slept and had a good dream while camping. Usually they are scary ones, because of all the noises in the forest. Not sure if it was the location, or that I am getting use to camping again. My bag was 30 lbs fully loaded. Got, I haven't had that heavy of a bag for a long time! I used my 70L bag since it would hold the weight better then my ZPacks Arc Blast. Turns out there was a fair amount of bush we went through, so I was glad to have the more durable bag. I brought along an extra layer for warmth, and I'm glad I did. I'm sure I would have been fine without, but was just a little more cozy while sitting around camp. I have decided that my 20F feathered friends bag is just a few inches too short. When I am streched out on my back, my feet ar butt up against the bottom of the bag, and my shoulders are too tight against the top strap. I'm normally a side sleeper so it isn't the end of the word, but I'll know for the next time I need to upgrade my bag. Go for the long one. If it's too long, just stuff clothing down by your feet.

Brought: Main items where Canon EOS 40D, portable tripod, Tamron 10-24mm lens, ZPacks Duplex, Osprey Ather 70L backpack, 20F sleeping bag, MSR Microrocket, MSR Titanium pots. Pategonia Capilene thermal hoody, OR Helium 2, Gloves, 2 beanies, baseball style cap, fleese, long johns.

Wish I brought: None



The inland trail was closed. Usually we do a loop, but not this time.


Just showing the milages.





Looking across the Gulf of Maine at Grand Manan Island.


The photo spot in the evening of the first day. I dind't bother trying to get a shot, since the sun would have ruined it. the idea was to get it during sunrise when the light was good.


I didn't know about this site, maybe it was new. It was about a 45 min hike to the photo spot.


Looking north east across the Gulf of Maine, and I think the land piece is Grand Manan Island. Beyond that is the Bay of Fundy in Canada.


100 feet from tent, we had this view. The rocks were slippery, since the tide came up a fair ways.


The only time we saw the sun during the sunrise. The rest of the time it was behind the clouds, then fog came in.


The photo spot. I wasn't able to get a good picture with all the fog that rolled in. Came in fast too. I got like 2 shots, then the fog was too much.


Trying to get the shot, but fog rolled in too fast, and the sun was stuck behind clouds.


Even with the fog ruining the shot I wanted, scenery was still breath taking.


Bird sat out on the rock with his wings out for a long time.


Red thing on my back is the tripod. Worked great, and very compact.


This was a nice photo spot that Pauline found. I had to do a little rock scrambling but worth it.


Pauline enjoying the ocean while I sneak in a photo of her.



The bridge lover walking along the bridges.


This little red squirrel ran up on the rock, cussed us out, then ran back into the bushes, like 3 times.

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