Cutler Sunrise

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Backpack Cutler, ME in , , 44.698706,-67.156878. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 8mi


This was a trip to get a photo of the ridge line with fall colors, and to enjoy the ocean while looking at the stars. I didn't get the shot because of fog, but it was still an excellent trip. This was the first time I slept and had a good dream while camping. Usually they are scary ones, because of all the noises in the forest. Not sure if it was the location, or that I am getting use to camping again. My bag was 30 lbs fully loaded. Got, I haven't had that heavy of a bag for a long time! I used my 70L bag since it would hold the weight better then my ZPacks Arc Blast. Turns out there was a fair amount of bush we went through, so I was glad to have the more durable bag. I brought along an extra layer for warmth, and I'm glad I did. I'm sure I would have been fine without, but was just a little more cozy while sitting around camp. I have decided that my 20F feathered friends bag is just a few inches too short. When I am streched out on my back, my feet ar butt up against the bottom of the bag, and my shoulders are too tight against the top strap. I'm normally a side sleeper so it isn't the end of the word, but I'll know for the next time I need to upgrade my bag. Go for the long one. If it's too long, just stuff clothing down by your feet.

Brought: Main items where Canon EOS 40D, portable tripod, Tamron 10-24mm lens, ZPacks Duplex, Osprey Ather 70L backpack, 20F sleeping bag, MSR Microrocket, MSR Titanium pots. Pategonia Capilene thermal hoody, OR Helium 2, Gloves, 2 beanies, baseball style cap, fleese, long johns.

Wish I brought: None