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Hike Douglas Mt in , , 43.877629,-70.693867. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 4mi


Hiked Douglas with Pauline. This was our third hike up it this year. The first was with Heather and Tom. The second was on Sunday. Today we went to the top, then down the road. We were going to go down the green trail, but it wasn't broken yet. And without snowshoes, it would have been too much of a pain. Our second day, I wigged out at the first summit, because the snow was too deep, and I didn't want to get snow in my boots.

Took 36 mins to get to the first summit on Sunday. Today Pauline did much better, and we only took 28 mins today, about 38 I think it was to get to the top, and about 55 round trip.