Easter hike 2018, Franconia Brook Campsite

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Hiked Franconia in , , 44.063475,-71.588974. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 6mi/4 hours


Easter hike this year was much warmer then last. Temps felt in the 40s. There was myself, Pauline and her coworker Lauren. She and Pauline wore bunny ears, and I took the easter chick. They looked better with the ears anyway. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that there were so many people on the trail. Saw 3 groups, and a few individuals. Most people seemed to turn back at the second bridge. The trail was well packed up to the bridge, then was a little soft, but monorail was large and didn't fall through much. Snow shoes made walking easier. After about 1.5 hours hiking we got to the camp site. A few sites were packed down from other people spending the night there.

We found a nice packed down spot where someone camped next to the river and had lunch. Lauren brought a tasty sesame seed type thing, that was quite tasty. Me and Pauline had soup. Lauren thought it was really cool that someone had camped in the spot. I had left my sitting pad alone, and the wind caught it. I chased it into some really deep snow, and the girls had a good laugh when I tried to run, and fell into the snow several times.

Beyond the camp site the trail wasn't as well packed. Me and Pauline didn't have any trouble in our snow shoes, but Lauren didn't have any, and she was post holing a lot. We ended up turning around and heading back to the car.

On the way back, we took a side trail that ended up getting really deep. Gave Lauren a good idea how deep the snow was, as she post holed a lot. Even with the snow shoes, Pauline sank and got stuck on a tree. I had to help her out of her snow shoe and pull her out. She would have been okay if she was able to use both arms.

My knee held up really well. It felt warm when we started, but felt normal after a while, and no pain what so ever. I think I will try something harder this week.

I just wore my blue EMS fleece shirt, but did end up putting on my vest when we got closer to the camp site. On the way back I wore my wind breaker almost the entire way back. I suspect if you were just sitting around in a sheltered area at the site, you would be able to stay warm. With my puffy on, I was in good shape while we had lunch.

Several campsites where stamped down. The ranges site had a picnic table.