Isolation attempt

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Hiked Dry River Wilderness in , , 44.24569,-71.25396. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 6.4mi round trip


Me and Gary attempted to summit Isolation, but got turned back at the intersection of Glen Bolder and Davis Path by weather, and the fact we were not moving fast enough to make it back to the car with a comfortable margin before dark. We were moving at about 1.5 mph (40 min/mile) till we got past Glen Bolder, then I powered ahead. Usually I work to keep up with Gary, but with all my hiking, and him having an off day, I smoked him. :)

The plan was to summit Isolation as an out and back. We would head east along the Glen Bolder trail, then south along the Davis Path to the summit. A total of 6 miles one way.

The trail up to the alpine zone was much like Cannon Mt, basically a stair master. Very difficult. not far out of the woods, you can see Glen Bolder in the distance. To the right (north east) of it, you can also see Slide Peak, and the ridge that leads to Davis Path. When we got to Glen Bolder, we took the obligatory shot of me pushing up the bolder, then continued to Slide Peak where we had lunch. The view was amazing. I just loved the layers of mountains when looking south east.

The clouds were surrounding the Davis Path intersection when we finished lunch and continued on. A short section skirted the mountain side, allowing for a view into the valley just a foot or two off the trail. Along here the clouds had blown off the Davis Path intersection.

Just under 2.5 hours after we started hiking we arrived at the Davis Path intersection. At about the same time, dark clouds rolled in and we started feeling rain drops. After calculating how long it would take to finish and get back to the car, we decided we should turn around, since we would end up back at the car around 6 or 7; a little too close to sunset, and Gary didn't have a headlamp. I won't hike again with him unless he has one! It's okay on a short hike, but a 12 mile hike, there isn't any excuse not to be properly equipped. But we were more worried about hiking back down the Glen Bolder trail, has quite a bit of rock that would not be fun going down when wet.

Once back at the car, I almost forgot to check out Ellis Falls. A hi volume water fall that is fed from Mt Washington. It's about 0.3mi from the car. You go under the road, and down some stairs to get to the base of the falls.

GPS Track Isolation Attempt

Point GPS # Time Duration
Started 1 10:13 0
Glen Bolder 286 11:25 1h15m
Slide Peak (took 12 min lunch) 492 12:14 2h
Intersection of Davis Path & Glen Bolder (17 mins from Slide Peak) 618 12:44 2h30m
Turned back 640 12:55 2h40m
Slide Peak 759 1:12 3h
Glen Bolder 970 1:53 3h40m
Back to car 1309 3:10 5h


Isolation - 01.jpg

Isolation - 02.jpg

Isolation - 03.jpg

Glen Bolder

Isolation - 04.jpg

Isolation - 05.jpg

Obligatory shot of me pushing the Glen Bolder

Isolation - 06.jpg

Gary in the distance. I was really moving once we got above tree line.

Isolation - 07.jpg

Grouse (I think) on the rock, her baby's were in the brush.

Isolation - 08.jpg

Isolation - 09.jpg

On Slide Peak, looking up towards Davis Path in the clouds

Isolation - 10.jpg

On Slide Peak looking down from where I came from

Isolation - 11.jpg

Heading west of Slide Peak, Davis Path I think is the large rock hump.

Isolation - 12.jpg

Isolation - 13.jpg

Looking back towards Slide Peak

Isolation - 14.jpg

Davis Path trail crossing

Isolation - 15.jpg

At the intersection

Isolation - 16.jpg

Isolation - 17.jpg

Ellis falls

Isolation - 18.jpg

Isolation - 19.jpg

Top of Ellis Falls

Isolation - 20.jpg

Stairs down to bottom of falls, Gary waving

Isolation - 21.jpg

Ellis Falls from a little further then half way down

Isolation - 22.jpg

Bottom of Ellis Falls

Isolation - 23.jpg


Isolation - 24.jpg

Isolation - 25.jpg

Isolation - 26.jpg

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