East Side Tr

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Backpacked Carter Range in , , 44.06350,-71.58925. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 11


Hiked from Lincoln Woods visitor center north along the Pemi East Side Tr, which takes you past the Franconia Brook East Campsite. Saw a scout troop there, with about 13 tents. Our destination was another 3 miles NE of there. We spend the night there for my birthday last year. This year we figured it would be a good first trip. We were not disappointed.

We were not expecting to see anyone, but saw 2 other couples come by. One wandered off to a site up the hill, the others came maybe an hour or so later. The girl was using a Z Packs Arc Haul which I was totally checking out. The guy was using a zpacks nero bag. He wandered off to setup camp while I was talking with the girl about there bag. They were from Connecticut. They arrived just before Pauline was going to put the fire out, so they stoked it up again while we wondered off to the other site were we setup our tent.

Pauline finally got to try making a fire. I gathered some wood, and she tried using her sparker, but no go. I decided to use my lighter and set some birch bark on fire. Then it was a nice fire that took up the entire fire pit. Little bigger then I was expecting actually. I should have taken a picture when it was blazing, but instead to tease Pauline I got a nice shot of it just about burned out :)

Used 19g of fuel for 2 person meal of Mexican Beans and Rice. So good! I think I will try boiling the water, then adding the food, bring back to a boil, simmer then let stand the 10 mins. Seems less likely to burn the food.

I slept fairly well, considering my shoulder. Ended up mostly on my left side, but did rest some on my back. I did end up dreaming of bears, but nothing scary, and I didn't close the tent. We left the panel at the front of the tent open for airflow. Temp was chilly, but I was warm until I got up to pee. Then I couldn't get warm again, and closed my tent flap and cuddled closer to Pauline. We ended up getting up at 4:45, which was good, because we were almost back to the car by the time the mosquitos were starting to bite.

Oh, on the way to camp we stopped off at the ranger station, then again on the way out.

they added smokey the bear while we were camping!

Brought: Orange puffy, OR Helium Rain, Hiking pants, convertable, trail runners, Pategonia Capilene thermal hoody, cold proof thermal bottoms, Ice Breaker beanie, buff.

Wish I brought: Nothing