Sawyer Pond

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Backpacked Albany, NH in , , 43.999553,-71.354462. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 9mi


Sawyer Pond Backpacking

We hiked from the south trail head which crosses a river that you have to wade through about 100 ft from the car. So be ready to take off boots or hike with wet feet. I opted for going through with my trail runners, and hike wet. Pauline took her Vibram's and went barefoot. Water was only 2 feet deep, so well under my knees, and I'm 5'11".

There is a trail from the north west of the pond, which is only 1.5 miles in. This also means there will likely be more chance of rowdy people like the ones we encountered. They were drinking and loud well into the night. Audio book and ear plugs helped immensely.

The pond was gorgeous. Water was a mirrored surface, surrounded by lush mountains. We saw some baby fish swimming near the shore where we had dinner and breakfast. The pond empties into a stream on the south eastern end, which is also where you enter the camp site when coming in from the south trail. There were 6 sites, with double wide tent, and a shelter way on the western end of the campsite. Also had a privy with no door. We managed to grab the last available site. Woke up about 3:30 am, and again around 4:30. At that point we decided to get up, have breakfast, and stare up at the stars. We also decided to pack up and do some night hiking, which Pauline was a little worried about. By the time we were packed up and hiking, it was starting to get light out. Dark enough you needed a light, but light enough you could see some details. Turns out it's the perfect time of day to introduce someone to night hiking.

My bag weight was 18 lbs fully loaded with food and 1L water. There was one spot you might be able to get more water along the 4.5 mile trail, or just wait till you get to the pond. The trail was a gentle uphill climb for over 50% of the way. Only a couple small downhills and some flat sections.

Tailhead 43.999553,-71.354462, Pond 44.047177, -71.378167.

Brought: Zpacks Arc Blast, Zpacks Duplex, UR Sack, Helium 2 wind/rain jacket, sleeping socks, pategonia thermal shirt for sleeping in, Underarmour Base 3.0 long johns for sleeping in, 20F featured friends sleeping bag, pillow, neoair xlite, microrocket, Toaks 750ml pot, reg sized lighter; wore LL Bean long sleeve, convertible hiking pants.

Wish I brought: