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Solo Hiked Pemigewasset in , , 44.04106666667,-71.52326666667. Tempurature (min/avg/max): // Distance: 9.8mi/6hrs loop


Solo hiked, 6 hours and just under 10 miles. I would recommend doing this trail counter clockwise as there were a lot of loose rocks, and large step downs on the southern 1/2 mile to the peak.

The trail was gorgeous! Really loved the alpine zone and ridge walk from the south to the north peak. There was some serious blowdowns that were cleaned up. I don't think I would have been able to get around the blowdowns.

This was another hike I had been wanting to do for quite some time. I was going to do it in the winter, but the day I was going to go was way too cold. Sadly I was never able to reschedule. But today was great weather, in the 80's. And my knees were feeling good. After my hike up North Moat I got a good feel for how my knees were going to perform. I figured they would be fine to get up to the peaks, but might give me some trouble on the way down. I'm happy to say that they were totally fine the entire way. On the Moat hike my right knee was giving me trouble. But this hike I felt a couple twinges in my left. So I decided to put the knee brace on it, just in case. Once at the top I took it off, and left it off for the hike to the other peak, and the entire hike down. Didn't have a single issue other then a couple twinges in my right on the way up. I could feel my legs and knees getting really tired, but no pain.

The hike was pretty easy going, with a few stream crossings that were manageable. I could see that they would be a bit more challenging if the water was higher, as the rocks would be under water; wet feet for sure. As i was saying, trails and stream crossings, all easy going until last 1/2 mile, when it turned into a real grind. Reminded me of Bigelows. Had to take a few breathers along the way.

I have to take Pauline on this hike sometime this summer! I was listening to Frost Burned audio book.

Sorry photos are not in the right order. Apple Photos is a useless program. You order the pictures, but when you export or add them to another album, they end up in a pretty much random order.